Style No. C993

There’s really not much to say about this tuxedo that the picture doesn’t convey. . . this is a quintessential elegant Black Tie tuxedo.   Any man that wears a classic black single-breasted, one button peak lapel tuxedo is going to look better in it than anything else!  This tuxedo has an updated silhouette for a more fitted and comfortable look and feel.  A lot of attention was paid to the width of the peak lapel, to make sure it wasn’t too wide, or too skinny.  Fashioned from tropical worsted wool, the specs are perfect.  This tuxedo is sure to bring out the best for any prom, wedding, destination wedding, black tie gala, or Oscar acceptance speech!

Is This Your Perfect Tuxedo?

Make Sure To Bring The Tuxedo Style Name & Number Into Dress Rehearsal.