Look Good

Your Dress Rehearsal...

We carry the best quality tuxedos with the largest and most fashionable selection in South Florida. Since we aren't limited to only a few designers like nationwide chain stores are, we can make sure we have the latest styles in the industry.


Our expert stylists not only give advice, but are dedicated to making sure everything is perfect and fits properly. You won't have to worry about last minute details or how the out-of-town groomsmen will look.

Feel Comfortable

Our Tuxedos

All of our tuxedos are completely customizable. You can pick any combination of jacket, tie, vest, pants, shirts, and shoes to create your unique style.


Everything we carry is the highest quality. Better fits and fabrics mean comfortable, lightweight tuxedoes that everyone will love wearing. Since our rental standards are much higher than anywhere else, you know you'll feel just as good as you look!

Spend Less

We Love Weddings!

When the bride purchases a wedding dress from Dress Rehearsal the groom gets a FREE rental.

Ready For Your High School Prom?

We both know how important it is to walk into your prom looking sharp and feeling ready for your amazing night.

We understand that as a student, coming up with the money to afford that perfect tuxedo that compliments you in every way can be difficult.


Don't worry we got you covered!


First off,

Don't be mislead by big chain stores, one way or the other

you will end up paying more.


We pride ourselves in having the lowest prices in South Florida

Have Fun!

Deciding on what you're going to wear on your big day should be easy and fun. At Dress Rehearsal you can relax and let our stylists guide you towards your perfect look. It makes a great date with your fiancée or a fun afternoon with the guys!

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