Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale

Congratulations, your getting married!


We understand the pressure your feeling of finding the perfect wedding dress of your dreams.


Here at Dress Rehearsal we have helped many brides find that one dress that makes them feel beautiful, confident and comfortable.


We would love to be there in that moment when your eyes light up the instant you find that wedding dress you know in your heart is the right one for you.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

We know you have been doing your research and getting advice from every reliable source as you should.


We have put together some of our favorite wedding dresses to not only inspire you but we're sure you'll love, plus we made sure to include dresses that are affordable for any budget.

Visit our store so our experienced and friendly staff can assist you in finding the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

Couture D'Amour
6015-marys bridal
6208-marys bridal
6325-marys bridal
6367-marys bridal
6382-marys bridal
6404-marys bridal
6422-marys bridal
6424-marys bridal
6438-marys bridal
6442-marys bridal
6446-marys bridal
8611-marys bridal
Fairy Tale Princess
6433-marys bridal
6362-marys bridal
6278-marys bridal
6278-marys bridal
6247-marys bridal
6000-marys bridal
5274-marys bridal
2629-marys bridal
2625-marys bridal
2621-marys bridal
2620-marys bridal
2599-marys bridal
2593-marys bridal
2586-marys bridal
2579-marys bridal
2548-marys bridal
2530-marys bridal
2506-marys bridal
2343-marys bridal
2B802-marys bridal
2B797-marys bridal
Karelina Sposa
C8080-marys bridal
C8079-marys bridal
C8067-marys bridal
C8066-marys bridal
C8063-marys bridal
C8047-marys bridal
C8046-marys bridal
C8034-marys bridal
C8030-marys bridal
C8004-marys bridal
C7990-marys bridal
C7952-marys bridal
C7872-marys bridal
C7915-marys bridal
C7602-marys bridal
Moda Bella
3Y617-marys bridal
3Y615-marys bridal
3Y609-marys bridal
3Y607-marys bridal
3Y392-marys bridal
3Y390-marys bridal
3Y387-marys bridal
3Y385-marys bridal
3Y380-marys bridal
3Y334-marys bridal
3Y299-marys bridal
3Y294-marys bridal
3Y258-marys bridal
3Y215-marys bridal
Unspoken Romance
8611-marys bridal
6426-marys bridal
6428-marys bridal
6418-marys bridal
6409-marys bridal
6403-marys bridal
6401-marys bridal
6391-marys bridal
6389-marys bridal
6383-marys bridal
6377-marys bridal
6363-marys bridal
6347-marys bridal
6341-marys bridal
6286-marys bridal
6218-marys bridal
5202-marys bridal
6207-marys bridal
Villas Collection
B8052-marys bridal
B8049-marys bridal
B8042-marys bridal
B8035-marys bridal
B8031-marys bridal
B8029-marys bridal
B8028-marys bridal
B8025-marys bridal
B8020-marys bridal
B8017-marys bridal
B8016-marys bridal
B8015-marys bridal
B8010-marys bridal
B8005-marys bridal
B8004-marys bridal